Public Relations and Media Strategy

Everyone could use a little PR

PR isn’t just for multinationals or misbehaving celebrities…

There’s a popular saying that you have undoubtedly heard before: “Any publicity is good publicity.” It’s a myth.

Having experienced media professionals available for your team is essential to understanding what will capture the attention of journalists and bloggers, and what will not. It’s one thing to get coverage – that’s often the easy part. Ensuring that the coverage will boost your brand instead of weakening it is more of a challenge.

The goal is to start a conversation; to, above all, create a positive discourse surrounding your brand. That can be accomplished through events and stunts, or more basic forms of engaging communication like blogs, press releases and social media posts. And in the social media universe, virtually every small and medium-sized business could benefit from some PR guidance.

If you’re dealing with a publicity nightmare or have been the victim of drive-by smears online, Provocateur can work to mitigate the damage with intelligent PR disaster relief.