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Delmar: Leave social media skeletons in the closet

This election campaign, culminating with Oct. 19’s vote (also, vote!), has been marred by a whole lot of cRaZyYy. Not only is discourse on issues like the niqab reaching uncomfortable lows, but candidates in all parties are being thrown under the bus over old social media skeletons in their closets. If you think future candidates will learn a lesson from their departed colleagues, think again: This is going to be an issue for a while, unless we all come to an understanding.

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photo: PMO

Delmar: 2015 is the year YOU get into Canadian politics

I’ve been saying it on the radio show for over a year: 2015 is the most fascinating year in Canadian politics in my (adult) lifetime. If you are an apathetic millennial, exhausted parent or senior who’s had the privilege of experiencing proper governance, battles shaping up over these next few months and years could finally rise you from your political slumber.

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Provocateur Motion 1.1: RIP off-hour email

On occasion, Provocateur Communications will publish “motions” on issues that form a consensus among our executives; opinions that, we hope, could also make your workplace more efficient, communicative and edifying (we said we were a different kind of PR company…). In the coming months, we will publish opinions on employees having opinions, social media etiquette, native advertising and more. We’ll start with something less controversial: Our new rules on email.
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